Apple Mountain Lion Review: A No-Brainer Operating System Upgrade



Also integrated into the operating system is the ability to share, and while it sounds basic, it's oen of the features that makes this a must-have upgrade. Apple lets you sign into your Twitter, Flickr, or Vimeo accounts right in Mountain Lion's System Preferences. Then you can share automatically from apps like Safari, iPhoto, etc.

I was easily able to tweet photos through iPhoto (it uploaded the photo to Twitter's photo sharing service) and then Tweet a website from Safari. But it requires you use the native Twitter client, rather than one of the third-party ones you might be running. Apple does plan to add Facebook integration this Fall.


I actually spoke these words when writing this review. Yes, these very words. Turn on the dictation function under System Preferences, press the function key twice, put your cursor where you want your text to appear and start talking.

The software worked very well, completing full paragraphs without errors and recognizing where to put spaces, though not punctuation. While the dictation function worked in the address bar of Safari and in Gmail, it didn't work in Google Docs.


There are lots of other new features in the latest version of Mountain Lion -- like Game Center access and Airplay, which lets you stream what is on your computer to the latest Apple TV. But on top of those all Apple has cleaned up some of the small issues that one found in Lion. For instance, in Lion when I opened a number of photos at once in Preview, the thumbnails wouldn't always show; in Mountain Lion they do.

Another example: When I tried to hook up my laptop to a second display using Lion, I couldn't expand an app on the second display to full-screen. In Mountain Lion, I can. I didn't experience any application crashes when testing the software either.

And that's ultimately why Mountain Lion is worth your $20. Not only do you get a bevy of new features, which I found to enhance and speed up my day-to-day computing tasks, but it cleans up some flaky issues that lingered in Lion. For the price of those cups of coffee, you get a modern operating system, which more than any other right now gives you a continuous computing experience with your phone and tablet. Of course, whether you upgrade is up to you, but you cannot use the it's-a-hassle excuse.

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