What It Take to Build a Nuclear Weapon?

Pressure Missouri Senator Kit Bond to drop his hold on the Markey-Upton bill, a measure that promotes the use of HEU's more congenial cousin, low-enriched uranium (LEU).

According to Dr. Edwin Lyman of the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Markey-Upton bill, otherwise known as the American Medical Isotopes Production Act, "would restore controls over HEU exports over time and provide funding for the U.S. to develop LEU-based methods for medical isotopes."

LEU grants its users all the basic benefits of HEU, but serves zero purpose for terrorists looking to build a bomb. Senator Bond is preventing Markey-Upton from advancing in the Senate at a time when the threat of nuclear terrorism has never been greater. Let him know that whatever reason he has for delaying the bill, it's nowhere near as important as protecting the country from a homemade nuke.

There have been recent strides in running down the world's nuclear material, but we're not safe until every kilogram's secure. This is the world's most dangerous weapon—it shouldn't feel like loose couch cushion change. Professor Joseph Cirincione of Georgetown University makes it plain: "We have never lost an ounce of gold from Fort Knox. We shouldn't lose an ounce of highly enriched uranium." Check out TakePart's action page and stay up on what's going down with nukes.

You have both a plan to build the bomb and the solution to end the threat of nuclear weapons. Be a hero, work for ZERO.

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