Why You May Want to Think Twice About Using Your Cell Phone on a Plane

A recent poll by Associated Press-GfK showed that frequent travelers would prefer not to be subjected to the irritation of fellow passengers yakking away during a transcontinental flight. The poll revealed that 78% of those questioned believe regulators should keep phone calls out of the stratosphere.

Airline management is feeling the heat from passengers who dread the thought of adding the loud cell phone talker to the list of in-flight annoyances such as the incessant crying baby. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler intends to let individual airlines decide whether to allow the new service.

"It's just like the movie theater," Ashmore said. "You're going to get the guy who is polite and you're going to get the guy who isn't."

Flight attendants have also expressed concern about the potential for conflict in tight quarters.

For Kelly, it's more an issue of privacy than price. "It's too confined of an area to allow people to talk," she said. "You've got to be able to respect people's personal space."

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