A Chupacabra in Texas? Or Just a Mangy Coyote?


A Chupacabra? Or a Sick Coyote?

Radford said he doesn't think Tolentino is a liar or hoaxer, just that she confused something she saw in a movie with something she saw in real life.

"It doesn't matter what I write, it doesn't matter that I solved this. People are still going to see a weird hairless thing and someone is going to call it a chupacabra," he said. "I think the bigger answer is that people like mysteries. And the idea of a Hispanic beast that sucks goats' blood is kind of cool -- it captures the public's imagination."

Back in Texas, Crabtree said he was surprised how the story of his coyote sighting spread. He said he has borrowed a live trap from the local animal control office, and in the unlikely event the poor animal can be caught, he would call the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to see if it can be nursed back to health.

"There was never any intention of hurting anyone," he said.

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