Countdown to Christmas: Last-Minute Gift Ideas


The Kindle cover with a built in book light comes in various colors. It's the perfect gift for the reader in your house who refuses to turn off the light and go to bed. The built-in, retractable LED light pulls out to illuminate the Kindle, and slides away when not in use. It seamlessly incorporates a reading light into the cover, so you can carry your kindle wherever you go and always have a reading light with you. Simply pull the light out to illuminate the Kindle when you need it, and slide it away to be invisible when you don't. And since the light draws its power from the Kindle, no batteries are needed.

Freedom Leash, $59.99

The Freedom Leash is a one-hand-operated dual-retractable leash. At last you can walk two dogs without having to worry about the cords tangling! The Freedom Leash has an inside compartment that spins to prevent cord tangling, giving you the freedom you desire while keeping your pets safely controlled.

Case-mate Bounce IPhone 4 Case, $49.99

Keep a clear head with the Bounce iPhone 4 Case with Pong technology. It's the only technology certified by the Federal Communications Commission proven to reduce cell-phone radiation. A paper-thin strip deflects radiation away from your head, leaving you with a slender, stylish case with more protection than ever.

The Bounce redirects your cell phone's electromagnetic energy away from your head. Once redirected, the radiation quickly dissipates and poses no threat to you or those around you. It's proven to reduce hotspot (EFI) radiation by 85%, and overall (SAR) radiation by 60%. The case itself features a silicone design with easy-to-grip ridges. It's a protective case for both you and your phone.

Click here to check out the complete GMA Countdown to Christmas guide -- full of gift ideas, recipes and a daily checklist for all your holiday tasks.

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