Will 'Swing Copters' Be as Addictive as Creator's Other Hit, 'Flappy Bird'?

PHOTO: Nguyen Ha Dong, the author of the game Flappy Bird, relaxes inside a coffee shop in Hanoi, Vietnam, Feb. 5, 2014.

Flappy Bird addicts finally have their new fix.

"Swing Copters," the hotly anticipated follow-up to "Flappy Bird," comes a little more than six months after creator Dong Nguyen yanked the game from app stores because he believed it was too addictive and had ruined his "simple life."

It appears even Nguyen couldn't stay away for too long. He confirmed that his new game, which bears some striking similarities to "Flappy Bird," will be released for iOS and Android on Thursday.

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An exclusive preview of "Swing Copters" posted to Touch Arcade shows the game utilizes many of the qualities that made "Flappy Bird" such a phenomenon.

First, there's the familiar looking bug-eyed bird, however this one has a propeller.

One-tap game play is also back. What is different, however, is that instead of swiping right, "Swing Copters" utilizes upward scrolling, providing a new perspective.

The pipes from "Flappy Bird" have been become swinging hammers -- and they seem just as maddening to navigate. It's just as punishing but when you hear that thud marking a game over -- chances are, you're going to want to play again.

"Swing Copters" will be available for free -- or users can tip Nguyen $0.99 for an ad-free version.

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