Chef'sChoice Gourmet Egg Cooker: Easy to Use, But Is It Worth the Bother?

Is It Worth The Purchase?

So is the Gourmet Egg Cooker really better than the good old fashioned way of hard boiling eggs on the stove? Yes and no.

On the plus side, this gadget does cook the eggs to perfection without having to worry about setting a timer or guessing when they are done. It also frees up a burner on your stove.

However, it takes up about a dinner-plate size amount of counter space and it doesn't save the user much time -- eggs take up to 20 minutes to cook.

While the holding trays are handy for lifting the eggs out of the gadget, the user is still stuck with eggs too hot to handle when they have finished cooking, and the cooker doesn't come with tongs. In fact, according to the directions, it is suggested that users place hot eggs in cold water to make them cool enough to touch, just like you would if you were making them on the stove.

The Gourmet Egg Cooker is easy to use and would be a great gift for any egg enthusiast, especially someone who enjoys making devil eggs or breakfast sandwiches, but for the casual egg eater, save the cabinet space and bypass this gadget.

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