GoPro Bomb Squad: Death-Defying Jumps Are Just Another Day at the Office


Miller's wife, Nicole Miller, said that it had taken time for her to adjust to her husband's new job, and that she had been worried about it at first.

"He used to golf," Nicole said. "So this is a little different for sure."

With their kids getting older, Nicole said her husband's career change had made him a better father.

"Before it was harder to find that balance of 'I want to work, but I need time by myself, but I have a family, but I have this,' so it's a little bit easier, him doing what he loves, and being present when he's home," she said.

Even with thousands of jumps among the GoPro Bomb Squad men under their belts, the thrill never gets old.

"We would be daydreaming about this if we weren't doing it and there's something that feels really good to take that idea and then make it into a reality," Miller said.

And while they look like a group of adrenaline junkies, they say the real rush comes when they can connect with the crowds.

"We don't want to just put on a show. We want to inspire people not just to go skydive ? to do that thing that they're scared of," Miller said.

"Chase what you don't know," he said. "Do what excites you. You're definitely going to find success in things that you're truly passionate about."

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