Guys Have to Earn Their Status


Aggression as a Manhood-Restoring Tactic?

"Men who punched the bag after the hairstyling task exhibited less anxiety than men who did not punch, suggesting that aggressive displays can effectively down-regulate men's anxiety in the wake of manhood threats," the study concludes. Thus, manhood restored, anxiety displaced.

But the researchers add that it might not work for all men. Especially little guys.

"To the extent that aggression is a manhood-restoring tactic, however, it is likely that men use it strategically by calculating when it is most likely to pay off successfully," they note. "Thus, for example, the effects of manhood threats on aggression may differ as a function of men's size and strength. Indeed, recent studies have shown that larger, stronger men are more prone to aggression, suggesting that these men might be especially likely to use and benefit from action to restore manhood."

So have at it Tarzan. You've got game.

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