Members of Congress Ask Google to Respond to a List of Glass Privacy Concerns


But for many, those answers and the idea of leaving the privacy issues up to Google aren't enough. A series of public places have already begun to ban the connected glasses, including casinos like the one in Caesars Palace. MGM Resorts also says it is watching the technology closely and anyone suspected to be "videotaping or taking photographs in the gaming areas of the resorts" with the glasses will be asked to discontinue doing so. Some select bars and movie theaters have also said that use of the connected glasses won't be allowed. The West Virginia state legislature has also proposed an amendment banning the use of Glass while driving.

"There are significant privacy and security risks inherent with Google Glass and I expect more places to ban them," Brad Shear, a Washington-area attorney and blogger who is an expert on social media, told ABC News. "Would you be comfortable going to your doctor's office/hospital and a nurse and/or the doctor were wearing them? There are state wiretap laws that require consent of a user before they are recorded. Users may violate state wiretap laws while using Glass."

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Even Google's chairman, Eric Schmidt, has said that there are places where Glass isn't appropriate. He said last month he didn't wear them in North Korea since it didn't seem appropriate. ""I didn't want to freak them out," he said. "They have a lot of guns."

But while Google is hoping users figure it out for themselves and adjust the social norms, some, including those eight members of Congress, don't think that's the route.

"It's troublesome that Google is throwing these things out and not thinking through the problems. That's why it's important that Congress gets involved and starts asking these questions," Shear said. "If they don't ask them, they might not be answered."

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