Microsoft: Surface Pro Demand 'Great,' More Products Planned


The Surface tablets are the first personal computers made by the Redmond, Wash.-based company, at least in the last few decades. Microsoft has invested a considerable amount in hardware manufacturing and research and development facilities for Surface. Ballmer has said there will be other products like the Surface, but has been vague about the details. Rumors reported on technology sites have said that Microsoft plans to release three more Surface products this year, one of which is a Surface Book with a larger screen than the current tablets.

When asked again about laptops and the Surface brand, Panay wouldn't comment directly on future product plans but said that Microsoft considers this a marathon, not a sprint.

"It will take some time for the product [the Surface Pro] to adopt. This is a good marathon for us, we are pretty excited about the short term and the long term," Panay said in the interview. "When you ask if you are making a laptop or a notebook, we have a pretty good selection of things we have been working on. It's pretty exciting."

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