The Navy SEAL Team 6 Weapons and Gadgets That Brought Down Osama bin Laden


A SEAL's Tool Kit Includes the Flash Bang Stun Grenade

That means the fancy radios used to get everyone in place until the mission starts get replaced with low-tech out loud shouting once the firing begins and stealth is no longer an option.

"Once you get that go! And the pops start happening and the gunfire goes, you no longer have to pretend you're moving quietly. ... What better way to communicate with the guy down the hall or behind you than to just scream the information out?"

One of the other useful tools in a SEAL's kit is the flash bang, or stun grenade. This device works similar to a regular grenade but is nonlethal, while still producing a disorienting amount of sound and light. Volume, noise and power allow you to dominate a room.

"SEALs want to physically and mentally dominate that space from the moment they enter," says Machowicz. "Now what happens, when you're startled, anything that guy does to you just seems so much faster."

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