Nook HD and Nook HD+: Barnes & Noble Ups Its Tablet Game To Face Amazon and Apple


Other new software features have been added as well, including a scrapbooking feature with catalogs and multiple user accounts, so you can share the tablet with the entire family or housemates. The tablet still relies on Barnes & Noble's Android app store, which has many of the essential Android apps but not as many as Google's Play Store or Apple's App Store for the iPad.

The Amazon and Apple Threat

In comparison to its biggest competition among online booksellers -- Amazon -- Barnes & Noble brags that the Nook HD is missing one feature that stands out on the Fire HD: ads.

"We don't have any advertising on this tablet. The only thing we will do is make recommendations about content; you won't see advertising on this tablet," Shar said.

Amazon currently ships its $199 Kindle Fire HD with its special offers or ads included on the lock screen and on the homepage. Customers can pay $15 to remove the ads.

Beyond Amazon there's likely another competitor entering the field for small tablets: Apple. According to rumors and multiple reports, a smaller, 7-inch version of the iPad (or iPad Mini) will be released in early November.

"Whenever Apple does anything in this space you pay attention. Still, I don't believe any company will have a better reading and entertainment tablet in the 7-inch category," Lynch said. "If they come, they come. We can't do anything about it, except keep elevating our game."

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