3-D Printing Brings Sci-Fi Concept to Life


Printing for a Cure

One company, Bespoke Innovations, is even using 3-D printing technology in the medical field by printing prosthetic limbs.

Scott Summit, founder and CTO of Bespoke Innovations, said the new technology "allows for something never possible before."

"Once your leg is gone, getting symmetry to your body is almost impossible," Summit said. "Casting the body is a dumb technology. You're not going to truly be able to provide symmetry."

The only way cure the problem and accomplish true symmetry, he said, is through new digital technology and 3-D printing.

"We are taking advantage of the technology that lends itself well in that you can create one part specific to one person's needs," he said. "That is traditionally very difficult to do, as it has to be a very fine craft or it's very expensive."

Prosthetic legs normally would range in cost between $10,000 and $15,000, but Summit believes such prices are going to be things of the past.

"The legs we create for people [cost] around $4,000," Summit said.

And the 3-D printed prosthetic limbs are even dishwasher safe.

With 3-D printing new to the medical field, Summit said he believes it is only years away from creating a "revolution."

"Every attribute ... cost, speed, size, will increase dramatically," he said. "I see it in space stations. And only a few years away, I see 3-D printing houses. ... It's a tool that lets you imagine something with incredible complexity and simply print it and have it in your hand the next day.

"We now have the freedom of creation," he said.

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