Rosetta Mission: This Is What a Comet Sounds Like

PHOTO: This picture, taken by the camera on-board Rosetta, shows Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.PlayESA/AP Photo
WATCH This Is the Eerie Sound a Comet Makes

A recording of bizarre sounds being emitted from the comet where the Rosetta spacecraft's probe is about to land has been released and the other-worldly sounds are open to interpretation.

Experts at the European Space Agency have weighed in, saying that the "song" is a result of oscillations in the magnetic field surrounding the comet.

The soft clicking noises are not actually audible for humans because it is registering far below human hearing levels but the scientists were able to increase the frequencies about 10,000 times, the ESA reports, in order to make it truly sing.

Have a listen to the comet here: