Saving MySpace: Inside the Company's Plan for the Future

The calendar will be culture-based and have a strong local component, so users can drill down in a visually accessible way to pop culture and entertainment-oriented events nearby.

Apps and games will also see significant development in the coming months, with the goal of increasing audience usage from the current 20-30% participation to something more like 50%.

Mobile development will also be hugely important, with iPhone and Android (app pictured, right) being the biggest platforms, although currently mobile usage is "overwhelmingly" not smartphone users yet. "The iPhone is gaining very quickly," though, says Hirschhorn.

We should also expect to see a better introduction to MySpace for new users, who will get recommendations in terms of friend and content suggestions upon creating an account on the site. This will give new users a place to start from even if they don't yet have any friends.

Topic pages will be another new feature that will pull in content from around MySpace but also from Twitter, YouTube and all over the web where it's happening surrounding a particular topic, movie, celebrity, or other entity people are talking about online. This starts to organize existing content around user interest specifically as opposed to relegating content discovery to specific content hubs in music, movies, etc.

Lastly and perhaps more importantly: When will we be seeing all of these new plans come to fruition? The answer is incrementally, as features become ready — as opposed to saving everything up for one big launch.

"I don't think the world wants to wait for a redesign and also, those days are over. One hundred million people use this every day, and you can't just freak out and pull the tablecloth off," said Hirschhorn of the decision to roll out incremental updates, changes, and new MySpace features.

In other words, if you're curious about how all the above is actually going to be implemented, you likely won't have to wait too long. From what we saw today, there's a lot on the plate for MySpace in the coming months, and we should expect to see a lot of changes coming soon.

Will it be enough to restore the social network to its former glory, and put MySpace back on a path of growth and leadership in the social networking space?

Only time will tell, but if Co-Presidents Jason Hirschhorn and Mike Jones are able to successfully execute the vision they've laid out, it's perhaps reasonable once again to be optimistic about the future of MySpace.

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