Sony Hackers Brag It Was Easy to Compromise Info From 1 Million Consumers


Sony, Google, Lockheed Martin Hit by Hackers

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton took the unusual step of weighing in: "These allegations are very serious. We take them seriously. We are looking into them," she told reporters, promising that the FBI would investigate the matter. The Chinese government denied any involvement.

Lockheed Martin, the giant defense contractor, also said its internal information network was hit by "significant and tenacious" attack on May 21. The Pentagon insisted the impact was "minimal," but as of May 29, the company's security team was still working to restore employee access to the targeted network.

Where does this leave you, the consumer? Consultants say some of us are at risk if we click on links in emails from strangers, or if we use obvious passwords. (Several years ago a prankster famously got into Paris Hilton's cellphone account -- easy to do because her password was her dog's name.)

But some hackers seem to have bigger prey in mind.

"The fact that Sony was not securing their customer information adequately was known before the first major breach" said Rob Enderle, "but Sony wasn't taking the problem seriously."

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