Spa Offers Relief for 'BlackBerry Thumb'

It's possible users of the device are experiencing both conditions, but that the term BlackBerry thumb generally refers to deQuarvain's, Hedge said.

Massage as Treatment

Massages like the one offered by Hyatt are supposed to be part of a more thorough treatment program, although Hedge said that if you are experiencing severe pain, you should contact a physician.

But if it feels good, he said to give it a shot.

"It's not going to be harmful, so why not?" Hedge said. "Providing they also ice it afterward, it should be pretty good."

Johnson said the massage is not meant to replace any kind of medical treatment and that anyone suffering from a malady like carpal tunnel syndrome should see a doctor, not a masseuse.

"It's really preventative," she said. "The whole world of wellness is preventative."

But she also pointed out that little research has been done on the health benefits of massages, so on top of feeling good, it may be very good for you, too.

For Relief, Expert Says Use Your Head

Although no one from Research In Motion -- the makers of BlackBerry -- returned calls requesting an interview, they have responded to the problem.

"In some of their [RIM's] BlackBerrys, they have a reduced keyboard that's more like the keyboard on a cell phone," Hedge said. "The software on the device anticipates the word that you're typing and the idea is that it will allow you to make fewer keystrokes. And that will reduce the load on the thumb."

In addition, Hedge said that instead of being forced to tap the tiny keys of hand-held keyboards, some manufacturers have developed fold-out versions that aren't too bulky and don't pose the same risks.

But in addition to taking advantage of ergonomically friendly keyboards, fancy massages and magical balms, gadget users might also try applying some common sense.

"You've got to give the thumb a break," he said. "The problem with BlackBerry is that if you overuse the thumb it's going to get painful -- if you try to type long e-mails or anything."

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