Even a Baby Affects the Environment

"This year has been a real shift. Sustainability is at the top of the minds of many Americans. It's clearly a problem; now we need a solution. The global craving is huge. GDiapers give people a tangible sense of what they're doing for the environment. Fifty million diapers go into landfills every day in the U.S, where they take up to 500 years to biodegrade. GDiapers break down in 50 to 150 days. Also, landfills produce methane, the second largest contributor to climate change," he said.

Customers have created an online Yahoo group and a MySpace page for the company. Some also volunteer to make gDiaper demonstrations at grocery stores.

"We seem to have tapped into American moms who want to do something for their baby. It's empowering, really making a difference," said Kim Graham-Nye.

"There's all different types of things parents can't do. What's the point of turning off the lights if everyone leaves them on. [Because] diapers are so bad environmentally, every time you flush a diaper, you go, 'You know what, I just saved the Earth 500 years.' With diapers, you make a positive, homogeneous change, and you save five diapers a day. That's why we have insanely passionate customers. It feels great. It's infectious," she said.

Natural Rhythm

There are some parents who eliminate the use of diapers entirely in order to protect the environment and build a closer rapport to their children through "attachment parenting."

Elizabeth Parise, a mother of five in Concord, Mass., says choosing to go green helps parents protect Earth by realigning their lives with nature. Her youngest child stopped wearing diapers after six months. She prevented messes by sometimes placing a waterproof cover under her baby.

"Our environment is our health," she said. "As a culture, we've become very distanced from nature with a climate-controlled house, then a climate-controlled car, then a climate-controlled office. If we suddenly lost all climate control in an emergency, would our bodies be less adapted to our environment?

"I get constant exercise from walking everywhere. It's not just health, there's also a psychological benefit. You notice things better. You hit a certain rhythm, a certain rightness to your life."

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