Coldwell Banker Puts Real House on Second Life Block

If the venture is successful for the firm, Laszlo believes that other real estate companies will hop on the Second Life bandwagon, even if consumers don't.

"If Coldwell Banker is successful, I think that will start to put pressure on realtors to experiment there," Laszlo said.

"The challenge with Second Life is that, unlike the Web, [which] reached a point where suddenly it exploded, it's still kind of a fair distance away, where it becomes a place where people have to be to make money and do business. ... The learning curve factor is going to be the big inhibitor."

For now, Coldwell Banker is calling this mixture of real-life realty and Second Life "an experimental project," said Young, who believes that other realtors will follow his lead.

"You're not going to see it immediately, but in the next three to five years? Absolutely."

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