Reality Blogging: No Celebs Allowed?

"You could put up 100 photos of 100 random people who are hanging out with 19-year-old girls and nobody will care until the minute you put up a celebrity's photo," added Grohol.

And while Grohol acknowledges that people certainly derive a guilty pleasure from seeing other people like them acting stupidly, he's not so sure reality blogging is going to be the next big blogosphere trend.

"I certainly think that there are people who enjoy funny party photos, and certainly there is an audience for that and those kinds of photos can be humorous," said Grohol. "But in terms of it being a whole new phenomenon and suddenly there will be 100 Web sites like it, I have my doubts."

Aaron Barlow, author of "Blogging America: The New Public Sphere," told that while many blogs start off trying to be more average and less celebrity, the plan often fizzles out.

"[Many blogs] become part of the celebrity blogging culture at a certain point," said Barlow. "That's one of the dangers of blogging -- people like to say they're doing it for their own pleasure, but often it parlays into something else."

"It's very hard to resist the temptation of letting it turn into something else," Barlow added.

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