'Conductor Hero?:' Touring game rocks concert halls

Ross's daughter, Katie Bump, 53, of Dillon, Mont., offered some suggestions for Nakra's team on how to make UBS Virtual Maestro more realistic.

"Maybe they could hang some instruments, maybe put a curtain up here, a backdrop. The sound device isn't working really well. The screen could be a little bit bigger. And we had a little bit of trouble figuring out how to run that little device," she said of the remote control.

"But it's a fun idea!" her mother countered.

For now, the game can be played only at concert halls on its tour itinerary. Nakra hasn't decided whether to pursue a commercial version. She said she doubted virtual conducting would ever be as popular as Guitar Hero.

But Philadelphia Orchestra spokeswoman Katherine Blodgett said UBS Virtual Maestro seemed to be accomplishing its mission of sparking interest in classical music. During a weekend event for children, more than 100 lined up to try it out, she said.

"You can have someone in their 70s. You can have children. I think it just goes to show that everyone wants to be a conductor," Blodgett said.

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