Bob Woodruff to Anchor Series on Planet Green

ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff will anchor a weekly series for Planet Green, Discovery Communications' 24/7 eco-lifestyle network.

Premiering in July, the weekly eco-newscast will cover a variety of subjects ranging from climate impact, environmental policy, political debate and world events.

"I've traveled around the world covering a wide range of stories, but the environment is one story that knows no boundaries or limitations in terms of its impact on humanity. It affects us all, and I am deeply committed to shining a light on the challenges facing our planet and its inhabitants, as well as solutions going forward," said Woodruff.

The program will be produced by ABC News for Planet Green and will draw upon the global resources of ABC's news division. The series will include studio-based roundtable discussions, feature stories and lively debates, making it the one-stop destination for a deeper perspective on the environment.

"This is controversial and also complicated information that needs to be talked about more," Woodruff said, adding that the series would offer, "in-depth news for half an hour every week, arguments and controversies, scientific analysis and breaking international news."

Woodruff said that when it comes to the environment, "the borders are gone, the oceans are gone, in the sense that we're not separated anymore."

Woodruff said he hoped the series would help "explain what's happening and what people can do," particularly for a young audience that recognizes the growing effect environmental problems will present for their future. "They see what could happen," he said.

The program will draw upon ABC News' global reporting team, including the network's seven digital reporters around the world.

"We at ABC have reporters around the planet that can show what is happening in various countries," Woodruff said.

Planet Green is Discovery Communications' global initiative with a commitment to document, preserve and celebrate the planet, including the first-ever 24-hour eco-lifestyle television network debuting June 4.

"Planet Green is committed to broadening awareness about the state of the environment and the role each of us can play in securing a brighter future for our planet," Eileen O'Neill, president and general manager of Planet Green. "Bob brings a depth of global experience coupled with an unparalleled journalistic integrity to this important conversation."

Woodruff said this is "news and information that the world has been trying to seek in depth for so long now."