Pixar's adorable 'WALL-E' rolls into gaming universe

This game is fascinating to explore because it features big environments that are constantly changing. And the game play is inventive, frequently presenting puzzles even seasoned gamers will not have seen before. Plus the character of WALL-E is so cute that you would have to have a heart of lead not to fall in love with him. The game even offers multiplayer minigames.

But this Wii version of the WALL-E game is quite challenging to play, and too hard for the youngest members of the movie's targeted audience. This version is best played by kids 9 and up, but even they may experience some frustration with the infrequent save points, which will cause them to replay portions of the game over and over again. And the instructions can be incomplete and not shown on the screen for long, so be prepared to experiment. At times, the camera angles can be frustrating as you try to gauge if a platform is close enough for EVE to pick up WALL-E and carry him before her power runs out.

While not as creative and charming as the Wii version, the Nintendo DS version is easier to play. If you have a child who is too old for the Leapster, but not quite ready for the challenge of the Wii, Xbox 360 or PS3, pick up the DS game. As in the console versions, the DS version of WALL-E uses the compacted trash cubes to trigger events within the game.

Gudmundsen is the editor of Computing With Kids magazine (www.ComputingWithKids.com). Contact her at gnstech@gns.gannett.com.

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