With new Google Voice, 1 number rings all your phones

Google's international rates are as low as 2 cents a minute for calls to Europe. Internet phone service Skype offers similar pricing, but most people make Skype calls on their computers using headsets.

It's the e-mail transcription service that motivated Bryan Nichols of Bellevue, Wash., to sign up for Voice. "It's really slick," he says.

Caulfield thinks Voice will help him cut down his cellphone bill. He has a pay-as-you go TracFone cellphone, and buys $30 phone cards monthly that give him 240 minutes of talk time. His cellphone is used primarily by folks reaching him in the evening, after work. Now, with calls transferred to his home land line, "I won't have to buy another phone card until the fall, at least," he says.

For now, Golvin thinks word of mouth will slowly spread about Voice. Friends will invite others to join them, and slowly, a major network will be formed.

"It's not going to be a monster overnight hit, but one that will build slowly," Golvin says. "Today, Google's target is the advanced user, and that's a limited audience."

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