Back to the future for id Software, 'Wolfenstein'

The amulet becomes a way for Blazkowicz to enter the Veil and fight the Nazis on new, otherworldly turf. "When he is in the Veil, he is a little faster, and you can see your enemies easier," says Eric Biessman, creative director of Raven. "It's allowing you to fight differently."

Wolfenstein opens with a nod to the Indiana Jones films, but B.J. is more of a man of action than Indy. Those unfamiliar with B.J.'s back story can watch a four-part online graphic novel at

Those who missed out on the classic Wolfenstein may be intrigued by the new high-definition incarnation, says Moses, who never played the original.

"I never had a PC to play them. I look at the new Wolfenstein and think, 'This is an old PC franchise; why play that?'

"But at the same time, I am curious. I want to know what the older gaming generation that played the first first-person shooters like Doom and Wolfenstein were so excited about."

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