5 Tech Resolutions for 2013: How I'm Rebooting Myself in the New Year


4. Lead a safer online and mobile life.
After Mat Honan's online life was destroyed, I took some steps to lead a safer online life but I will do more! Especially with McAfee (the security company, not the "crazy-card" founder himself) predicting that mobile devices will be one of the primary targets for hackers in 2013. While writing this column, I changed the passwords on my main accounts -- using different passwords for each one -- and made sure I could remotely wipe my Android phone and iPad if ever lost. I also will back up my data! Lastly, I'll be more careful about information I share online, which includes being mindful of my Facebook privacy settings and location services usage.

5. Help those in need of tech support.
On Christmas Day, I offered some tips on how you can help family members with tech support they might need. In the process of creating that video, I had an amazing time meeting a 90-year-old man and teaching him about the iPad. While I help my family, friends and colleagues on a regular basis with tech questions -- what phone to buy, how to get a Beyoncé ring tone, why an e-reader over a tablet -- I plan to proactively offer tech advice in 2013. Finally, I resolve to be more patient when responding to questions I find obvious. But the real question is can I refrain from reading and answering those e-questions at the dinner table? Ask me same time next year.

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