TechBytes: Verizon vs. AT&T for iPhone Connection Quality

iPhone Wars: Its On!
WATCH iPhone Wars: It's On!

Verizon has won the latest round in the iPhone wars. A new survey says AT&T customers lost calls four times as often as Verizon customers in the past 90 days, and almost half of new iPhone 4 customers plan to choose Verizon over AT&T.

iRobot Scooba 230

Just in time for spring cleaning, iRobot has come out with a smaller, lighter and cheaper version of its Scooba floor cleaner. The Wall Street Journal's Katie Boehret found that the new model has some advantages over previous models.

"This Scooba 230 is designed to be small enough to fit behind the toilet and the sides of the toilet and tough areas in the bathroom or the kitchen that you may not otherwise get to if you're just scrubbing in the middle of the kitchen with a mop or in the bathroom or you use a larger Scooba, which may not get into those small places," said Boehret.