'Gawd Bless America': UFOs? Psychics? Documentary Debunks the Paranormal


It wasn't until he was given a bird's-eye view from a helicopter that he had the chance to see what the crop circle actually formed: a giant middle finger.

"He was pissed," said Freeman. "It's the greatest reaction ever."

Alien-Human Hybrid Claims He Can't Die

In another truth-seeking set-up, he said, they took Tessina's psychic up into an airplane and had the pilot pretend to kill himself after a short session with the charlatan.

"We scared the psychic into telling us that he wasn't really a psychic," he said. "It's funny, but at the same time it's real and it's a little bit ludicrous."

Tessina said he reached a reckoning point when the pair met a self-proclaimed human-alien hybrid who said he couldn't die.

After the man claimed that his mother had been artificially inseminated by aliens ("like Jesus"), he went on to demonstrate that he could hold on to electric cords and get shocked without harm.

"I had some electronics training when I was in the service and that came to mind. He wasn't grounded. There was no way the shock was going to bother him," Tessina said. "At that point, I knew he was a phony ... Everything else kind of fell into place."

Tessina: I Had to Reassess the Way I Lived, Money I Threw Away

At first, the realization was a little jarring, Tessina said.

"I did have to reassess the way I've lived and the money I threw away, and probably some of the enjoyment I could have had with the money I spent needlessly over fakes," Tessina said.

But, ultimately, he added, he's much happier than he was before. He's sworn off supernatural spending, he doesn't hang with the same crowd of believers and he's trying to earn money through painting (though he joked that a sequel to the film could help too).

And for those still trying to break the cycle of mythical thinking, he had a little bit of advice.

"For people who still believe in it, if that's what makes them happy and they can afford, that's okay. Live and let live. But I do believe that they could do better if they believe more in the here and now rather than ... believing in the fantasy of aliens abducting you or taking over your life," he said. "I just don't believe in it anymore. But if that's the way that some people want to think then it's too bad they couldn't have gone along with Blake and I ? they might have been nonbelievers also."

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