Apple Testing Large-Screen iPhones

Apple tests iPhone screens as large as six inches.
0:55 | 09/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Apple Testing Large-Screen iPhones
In today's tech -- apple reportedly planning a super sized iPhone. Wall Street Journal says the company is testing screens as big as six inches as many competitors release larger phones. The new iphones being unveiled next week are expected to have the same foreign screens as the current iPhone 5. Controversial changes to Facebook's privacy policies won't be rolled out until at least next week six consumer watchdog groups are asking the government to block the changes. There's a new way to listen to music they jam box -- -- many debuted this week the colorful wireless Bluetooth speaker weighs only nine ounces. ABC tech editor Joanna stern likes its size and quality. It is half the size of the original jam box but it doesn't sacrifice the sound quality I actually found that in my testing. It really is a loud -- small little speaker. It debuts for a 179 bucks on -- -- web -- that was the year tech bites make it a great day on John Mark.

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{"id":20175087,"title":"Apple Testing Large-Screen iPhones","duration":"0:55","description":"Apple tests iPhone screens as large as six inches.","url":"/Technology/video/apple-testing-large-screen-iphones-20175087","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}