AT&T now offers unlimited data plans

The mobile wars are heating up as AT&T now offers unlimited data, talk and text.
0:51 | 02/17/17

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Transcript for AT&T now offers unlimited data plans
It's an ace check bikes all end when it comes to the wireless wars AT&T is the latest to join Verizon offering. Unlimited data plans to all wireless customers sprint now says it's cutting prices on its unlimited plans and T-Mobile upgrades its plans today. Fortune's annual list of most admired companies include several tech giants in the top ten but for the tenth year in a row apple is number one Amazon is second. Also the top ten Google's parent company alphabet in seventh FaceBook and Microsoft tied at nine. And finally tell in the Netherlands is using lights to get the attention of Smartphone users who are constantly. Looking down. So it's a fascinating I get the lights are embedded into the ground at cross walks. And they admit that green or red light that you see there and depending on the traffic light signals. Some have criticized the system for rewarding bad behavior gathers and say it's keeping everybody safer yes losers expects.

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{"id":45556996,"title":"AT&T now offers unlimited data plans ","duration":"0:51","description":"The mobile wars are heating up as AT&T now offers unlimited data, talk and text.","url":"/Technology/video/att-now-offers-unlimited-data-plans-45556996","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}