Google Nest Software Glitch

Nest Thermostat customers woke up to a very cold house after a software update.
0:52 | 01/15/16

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Transcript for Google Nest Software Glitch
In today's tech bikes on Napster users are complaining of being left out in the cold they say they're Internet connected thermostats have been malfunctioning. Ever since they got a software upgrade last month. Now says that the problem has now been resolved for over 99%. Of customers know the 1%. What Amazon is celebrating its Golden Globes success by slashing prime membership prices starting today until Sunday you can get Amazon prime for just 76 dollars that's. 23 dollars off the usual price. And ESP and getting serious about gaming. ABC's sister network has launched a new division called. ESPN. Sports a special hub on ESPN's website will cover the world of competitive gaming including. The major tournaments type gamers can make more than a million dollars a year a lot of money for just playing around blizzard tech bikes at.

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{"id":36308207,"title":"Google Nest Software Glitch ","duration":"0:52","description":"Nest Thermostat customers woke up to a very cold house after a software update.","url":"/Technology/video/google-nest-software-glitch-36308207","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}