Motorola Smartphone Manufacturing Comes to U.S.

The company's "Moto X" phone will be made at a Fort Worth, Texas, facility.
0:52 | 05/30/13

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Transcript for Motorola Smartphone Manufacturing Comes to U.S.
Chinese manufacturing -- is slowing down because -- also here. Motorola is looking to build its next -- in the US that right. -- this is actually you know -- passing development I think what's really going on is that labor costs are rising in China pretty dramatically. And when you combine that with the cost of shipping goods from China the United States. And the fact that US energy costs are falling dramatically especially natural gas is very cheap and if -- you know -- factory use a lot of energy. So -- he could start any case that it's not as cheap to produce hearing that states but that the cost difference is and so -- So maybe you're better off producing here United States -- -- -- Motorola's as one of a handful. And a growing number of companies that are international companies that are looking at the the global its global market and saying you know it maybe we should be building here United States -- good news for US job shortly very interesting trend to watch.

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{"id":19287256,"title":"Motorola Smartphone Manufacturing Comes to U.S.","duration":"0:52","description":"The company's \"Moto X\" phone will be made at a Fort Worth, Texas, facility.","url":"/Technology/video/motorola-smartphone-manufacturing-in-america-19287256","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}