Samsung Builds Buzz Over New Galaxy

The new smartphone is set to be released on February 21.
0:55 | 02/01/16

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Transcript for Samsung Builds Buzz Over New Galaxy
Pay their taste tech sites stand sound building it buzz over its new galaxy asked sevens are. The new teaser is short on details what we do know is. It will be released on February 21 what we don't know is an a in the galaxy past seven is even confirmed and rumors suggested variable touch input and master sergeant. Google fiber is expanding its phone service the service allows users to use a single phone number for all of their mobile devices and now we can include a land mine Google fiber is testing would select participants around the country. And Twitter is officially kicking off election season users who tweet hash tag I'd vote getter hash tag I cockpits. We'll see an analogy with the blue or red checked mark this is actually twitters first emote gee that's connected to the race for 2060. News. A troubled multi coming that's maybe you will see those or that bites at great Everett.

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{"id":36635639,"title":"Samsung Builds Buzz Over New Galaxy","duration":"0:55","description":"The new smartphone is set to be released on February 21. ","url":"/Technology/video/samsung-builds-buzz-galaxy-36635639","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}