Wearable Technology That Keeps you Plugged In

ABC's Tina Trinh checks out new technology that you can wear rather than just carry.
4:12 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for Wearable Technology That Keeps you Plugged In
-- you they'll tethered to your Smartphone these days are not alone. Sometimes it feels like he'll hold easier we could just -- the darn things an increasingly now. We cancer joining us with the latest wearable technology is world news now -- contributor Tina trend hate you -- where TL arena -- I know this is like the hottest thing but do we really need -- So I even wearing a Smart watch for the last few months and I have to say it's made my life so much really -- here. I used to miss these text messages phone calls whether because I was away from my phone -- it was just very in my purse and I didn't hear it even raining. Now I get these notifications are my wrist that say. Oh so and so is text you or your mama's calling you and it's. You would think that it's no big deal to do that aren't your risk yet but it ends up being so convenient to just do this verses to -- fumbling for your phone call like -- -- -- right out there discreet because they've looked like axle watches I mean maybe a little bit. Well Peter bring your typical watch but still it's -- show Russell Scott -- -- the first and here is all -- And it's a super big screen they've really invested a lot in the display technology here so that you can see these screens I don't direct sunlight to -- -- -- can Wear this one like it -- and everything elected charging -- too because it's a wireless charger you just drop it and it charges that -- laps. You plug the base into an outlet but otherwise you just drop your phone at the end of that much on her watch that is at the end of the day and it starts to love that yeah -- your bedside yet. Perfect next step are that LGG watches these are great because Google is behind the OS here. And so you can basically say anything. Like starting with OK Google. Like okay Google how to get Central Park wow okay Google. Column what. Time does the -- -- watch out theory that. You can different your rules which is really adds super cool rainy cold so I really like these -- while tip. Next is martian -- fire. -- -- Great -- because they don't look like at tech not at all he gadget slaps on your -- they look like actual watches which is great except they have this little. OLED screen at the very bottom it's very discreet almost like that ticker tape. With information about incoming calls -- weather alerts traffic alerts everything anything that you want -- program. To your watch you can get an alert for it I don't like it's very discreet but find it very -- -- people. Are checking iphones in the middle finger and say here in your network in in the middle than me like you're expecting -- -- now incident just like covertly trying to you know look at your phone under the table and you can just do it do it. At this one is yen I just love it. The -- -- Yes this is being lead their startup that created these greens yeah actually -- first which I -- because -- so -- tiny vibrating right fashion forward you're wearing -- in its bond rating -- to let you know that's you know maybe your husband takes you -- -- your mom is calling you to you can program for specific -- apps like kids your way and yet. You -- up to five different lights that you can program for. Alert you. To an incoming call text message. And -- -- -- you can assign different vibration is like 22 -- for -- feel it vibrating right now yeah so so when you're out and you wanna -- street to get a -- the kids yet what exactly. And that would be up -- and not speed -- kids that kids don't want to be left out of course it BC mom and at what they call it art auction they have to have a Smart much of their own and this is for V tech hub cities and Smart -- OK kids are gonna love this one because you can record videos anonymous terrorist when it. It has a built in camera -- that he Jennings. Seeing their watch an incredible -- video. And so that I would buy this for the plain mean how many hours a fun guy get the kids are not quite out into traffic well. Tech contributed Tina trend let great offering at -- today.

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{"id":24753545,"title":"Wearable Technology That Keeps you Plugged In","duration":"4:12","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh checks out new technology that you can wear rather than just carry.","url":"/Technology/video/wearable-technology-plugged-24753545","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}