WiredArts Fest: Theater With Video Streaming and a Social Media Twist


"It's something that's very controversial, but we want you to take pictures, we want you to post to Facebook, we want you to post to Twitter, we want you to do anything that's going to make you feel excited," said Jones. At the theater they give out nametags, encouraging people to write out their Twitter handles so they can communicate online.

An Experiment with a Purpose
While the event is a testament to how technology is invading all parts of our lives -- even something as non-technological as a dance performance -- Jones and the VirtualArtsTV team say they hope the festival will fuel growth and excitement for the performing arts generally.

"The industry as a whole is figuring out how do we increase demand for the performing arts, how do we deal with the fact that our revenues are declining," Jones said. "I am very, very certain that the audiences aren't in decline, the audiences are online."

Jones says this isn't about replacing traditional performing arts, it's about providing an alternative, especially to the generation that is connected and obsessed with social media.

However, as is the case for any show, you never know how the audience will react. Jones and her team say they realize not everything may be a hit.

"We will definitely fail at some things, but the only way to figure out what's going to work is to try all sorts of things. The photographs might be a disaster, the Facebook might be a disaster, the nametags might be a disaster," she said. "The only way we will discover what works is by failing."

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