Amanda Knox Can't Look at Video of Slain Roommate

He did, however, allow that forensic experts "always work taking all the possible care to reduce the contamination of a crime scene, but totally eliminating the possibility is practically impossible."

In explaining the criteria the experts used to gather the evidence, Intini noted that the U.S. and Italy have strict rules on how forensic work is conducted in the laboratory, but there are no written protocols in Italy regarding the manner in which forensic evidence is gathered at the crime scene.

Gioia Brocci, of the Perugia forensic police, described in detail how she photographed the crime scene starting from the outside of the house, where no traces were seen of someone attempting to climb up the outer wall to get in through the broken window.

She photographed every room inside the house in detail and was also in charge of taking all the blood and other forensic evidence in the small bathroom that Knox and Kercher shared.

Brocci testified that traces of blood were found on the light switch and the bathroom rug as well as the wall behind the toilet. Multiple drops of blood mixed with water were found in the sink and the bidet of the same bathroom.

Amanda Knox's Perugia Cottage Up for Rent

Under cross examination Brocci said she used the same piece of absorbent paper to wipe up the different blood stains on the sink. And then used another piece of paper for the stains on the bidet. She said it was clear to her at that time that the blood was from the same source.

The two forensic experts who testified in the afternoon described the fingerprints found in each room of the house. More than 100 fingerprints were found in the house, but only 52 were found usable for the investigation. Of these, only one was belonged to Knox.

Both witnesses were asked by the judge and defense lawyers if it was strange that only one print of Knox's was found, and they both replied that it was not. There were many prints that could not be clearly identified because they were smudged.

The prosecution has claimed in the past that it was strange that only one single print of Knox's was found in the house where she lived, and it suggested that the crime scene had been cleaned up.

The two fingerprint experts also said that no prints attributable to Knox or Sollecito were found in Kercher's bedroom. The prints that were found there belonged to Guede, Kercher and Kercher's boyfriend Giacomo Silenzi.

Speaking to reporters at the end of the hearing Knox's father, Curt Knox, said "Nothing has come out of this hearing to indicate that Amanda was part of this crime." He said that he had seen his daughter in prison on Tuesday and that "Amanda is eager to testify" and dispel the accusations against her.

Prior to the testimony of the forensic experts this morning, the court ruled that the house on Via della Pergola 7 in Perugia where the murder took place, which has been sealed for investigative purposes since the murder, can now be officially unsealed and handed back to its owner for her use.

The owner, a female pensioner who lives in Rome, told her lawyers she will immediately change the locks on the doors, put bars on the windows and will probably try to rent the property again. The seals will be officially removed by the police in the next few days. The house has been broken into twice in recent months by unknown intruders.

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