TRANSCRIPT: Joseph Reyes on Being Barred From Taking Child to Church

CUOMO: Was it demonstrated to the court that Rebecca's allegations were false? REYES: There was a lot—even before, even before there were supervised visitations, we had a guardian ad litem assigned to the case. I offered a ton of evidence: a suicide note from Rebecca, 147 pages of email messages in which Rebecca speaks to her negligence towards our daughter, a videotape of myself and Ela interacting, pictures of myself and Ela interacting… so, the guardian ad litem didn't look at any of this. She didn't want to see all of it, she refused it. And then she decided to write this report which is, in essence, supporting Rebecca's side. That's not representing my daughter, that's representing either someone that I'm partial to for whatever motivation.

CUOMO: Has anything ever been established during the case that whatever allegations she said about you weren't true?


CUOMO: You got off supervised visitation, right? So…

REYES: I did get off supervised visitation and there's been a lot that's come into the open with regard to areas where Rebecca's honesty is certainly questionable, if not refuted.

Statements from Steven Lake, Rebecca Shapiro's Attorney:

Well, we went to court after this happened because there wasn't anything in effect at the time. And we asked the court to restrain Joseph from taking his daughter to church until the court could make a determination as to how this child should be raised, which was really set for 30 days from when the order—this was just a temporary restraining order for 30 days.

Well, again it was a temporary order, it was only a 30 day order, so you didn't think there was any—I don't think the judge was making any decision for the daughter's lifetime. You know, this was for 30 days and I think because of the way Joseph had done it, he was shocked as we all were that he would go and have his daughter baptized without any discussion and it was so contrary to the way they had raised their daughter. She was going to a religious Jewish pre-school. There was never any issue in the case, the case had been going on for a year and a half and he suddenly out-of-the-blue does this, and I think the judge felt if he can do this, what was he going to do next?

Well, we'll find out how significant that is, that's what we're going to court on, but we've asked that he be held in criminal contempt of the court, because the first time, when he had the daughter baptized, there wasn't really a court order prohibiting him from doing that, but now there is and to flagrantly violate a court order and not only do it, but call a local TV – a CBS affiliate – to film it which they did was shocking to us and I think it's going to be shocking to the court.

Well, actually things had kind of calmed down earlier in the case prior, there was another allegation about Mr. Reyes and the court, in fact, restricted his visitations to supervised visitations. So or a long time during this case, he wasn't even allowed to see his daughter without a supervisor present. And that was just lifted a couple months prior to this incident. And he had this freedom, and as far as we're concerned, he abused his freedom. He just did something completely out of anybody's realm of what reasonable would be to take his daughter and have her baptized. There was absolutely no issue of religion that had been raised prior to this time.

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