TRANSCRIPT: Joseph Reyes on Being Barred From Taking Child to Church

CUOMO: Now, rebut this—she says, this whole religion is central to Joseph. Rebecca doesn't buy it. She says he converted to Judaism, I never really saw him in church, I didn't know he was so -- Catholic was so important to him, we both agreed that our daughter would be raised within Judaism, we sent her to a Jewish pre-school. Where is this coming from?

REYES: I didn't send her to a Jewish pre-school, Rebecca sent her to a Jewish pre-school. I was never part of that decision, for one.

CUOMO: It was after you two were together?

REYES: After we were separated.

CUOMO: And what about the other things, that you converted to Judaism.

REYES: Rebecca knows the motivation behind my conversion. As a matter of fact, at some point in time, Rebecca looked at me and said, 'you know, I honestly thought that they would have accepted you when we did this. I don't understand why they won't.'

CUOMO: Even after you converted, you still didn't get accepted?

REYES: That was when that conversation was had, yeah, we did—we were dumbfounded as to why her parents weren't going to accept me.

CUOMO: So explain to me again. Your Catholicism is very important to you, but you still converted.

REYES: I went through the motions.

CUOMO: What does that mean?

REYES: I did, you know, I went and talked to a rabbi, I went through all of the requisite things in order to convert. But I still prayed the same way, I still worshiped the same way. My beliefs were still held the same way.

CUOMO: And about going to church, Rebecca says she never you go to church. You're saying that's a lie.

REYES: That is a lie

CUOMO You did go to church?

REYES: I did go to church. I didn't go regularly, as regularly as I would have liked. Time didn't permit for it. We were new parents, I was in school, Rebecca was working, we had a lot on our plates, so I couldn't keep up with it. I would have liked to.

CUOMO: What would have been wrong with waiting the 30 days and just going to court and having this discussion and figuring out an accommodation?

REYES: This was never going to be limited to 30 days, this was going to be a matter of 'we're going to keep filing order and order after order,' and I know how the other side plays. They don't play very nicely.

CUOMO: Is this about—it can't be about both-- it can't be about all things at once. It can't really be about what's important to Joseph for his faith, the distinction between Judaism and Catholicism or the lack of one, and that Rebecca's pushing you around in court. It can't be equally all those three things, it has to be really about one thing mainly.

CUOMO: What is the main push for you in this situation? Is it this faith discussion or is it 'I'm not getting pushed around by this woman anymore'?

REYES: If there's one thing that this is all about, it's about my daughter, plain and simple. I love my daughter. I'm a great parent to my daughter, and that's it.

CUOMO: How does she benefit from this, your daughter?

REYES: Benefit from what part of this?

CUOMO: All of it, all this—everything that's going on, you may be going to jail, this protracted legal battle the media called in--

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