Full Transcript of Chris Cuomo's Interview with Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf

MUSHARRAF: This is the assertion being cast on our intelligence agency and the army. And I very strongly believe this is, will not, this is not the case. As a policy, the army and the ISI fighting terrorism and extremism, al Qaeda, taliban. But rogue element within is a possibility. But for 6 years, let me tell you, the attachment commander in that area, could be of the rank of a major, uh, they would have changed about 3 times because we pull officers out in about 2 years. So I can't imagine that if there was all of them following which was also not a possibility. So my conclusion, really, from all points of view, although I do understand it's very difficult to believe for any al Qaeda that people didn't know. It is a big slip up.

CUOMO: Do you believe, you keep using the word slip up, I mean it sounds like it couldn't have been a slip up. Its too obvious. He was there too long. He's too high profile. Do you believe it was a slip up, or do you think you need to investigate and find who was helping to hide OBL?

MUSHARRAF: Well, one way to find out, if that is the case, as I said, it is not the policy, it is not the policy of the ISI or the army (inaudible) and I'm very sure of that. Because it's not in our interest. Its not in Pakistan's interest. Pakistan's army has at their hands. Pakistan's ISI has at their hands. So therefore they couldn't be, at the policy level and the strategic level, be supporting them and, uh, hiding them there.

CUOMO: Would you be surprised to find out that a Pakistani official or intelligence operative had been helping OBL? Would that shock you?

MUSHARRAF: Well, the possibility as I said, at the lower level, somebody following a policy of his own and violating the policy from above, is a possibility.

CUOMO: Why do you feel the US thought it was necessary to have backup commandos anticipating that Pakistani military might attack them on the way out of the OBL compound?

MUSHARRAF: Well, I don't think that is the case.

CUOMO: That is the case! That's what they thought might happen, thats why they had the commandos. What do you think of that concern?

MUSHARRAF: The commandos where? Who had the commandos?

CUOMO: That the United States felt that it needed backup forces in anticipation of Pakistan military firing on them when they were found to be in OBL's compound.

MUSHARRAF: And therefore they had backup from whom? From their own forces? Well, it is a normal military operation, a sting operation like that, a commando operation like that, always has a strategy and it is always, I mean, I know there has to be a "stay behind party" as we used to call it...

CUOMO: Did the United States have a reason to be concerned?

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