Full Transcript of Chris Cuomo's Interview with Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf

MUSHARRAF: Let me finish what I am saying. (CC - Go ahead, please.) The stay behind team's job is to counter anybody who may interfere with the force. And therefore I think that is a normal drill. So therefore now Pakistan army firing, well certainly it was a violation of our sovereignty and I, I don't know if there were armed troops, armed troops around and if they saw some helicopters firing in a house without knowing who they are dealing with, there was a possibility of a clash like that and firing from the Pakistani troops on ground could have taken place.

CUOMO: Mr. President, you say there could have been a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty, but didn't you have a deal in place with the administration while you were president allowing for a unilateral attack by the United States if they had actionable intelligence to where OBL was?

MUSHARRAF: Never! And this is the assertion being cast by the Guardian and I rejected that. I condemn such an insinuation. This has been done by a reporter in Pakistan and I'm looking into what action can be taken against him.

CUOMO: Comes from a general. Tommy Franks gave the information that there was a deal in place with you that if the U.S. knew where Bin Laden was, they could go in unilaterally... and backed up by Condoleezza Rice.

MUSHARRAF: I didn't read that. I didn't read that Tommy Franks had said that. I read that some report, some sources in Pakistan had given this information to this reporter. And, anybody getting up and saying something, this was thought of earlier. And I wonder at this critical stage why this came up. So therefore I, I suspect, uh, doing, I suspect some conspiracy behind it, some people behind it to say that. In any case, I challenge anybody to produce some evidence. And I do not accept anybody getting up and saying there was a deal. There was no such deal. And that was in 2001 between me and President Bush. I personally was trying to cast my mind back to 2001 after 9/11 and in those 3, 2 and a half months left, after September 2001, I do not remember, recollect, that I even spoke to President Bush. And besides, we didn't even discuss this issue about allowing such an action.

CUOMO: Right now there's word that Pakistani officials won't allow US officials back in the compound. Do you think this is a good decision?

MUSHARRAF: Definitely, that was a good decision. I don't think we can accept, no government can accept a violation of their sovereignty.

CUOMO: But why is it a violation of sovereignty? This man who has been plotting to kill Americans since and before 9/11, enemy number 1, a huge foundation for our relationship with Pakistan, was finding this man. We find him in a curious location, take him out, now we want to go back to the compound. You say no. What kind of friend is that?

MUSHARRAF: What kind of friend is that, that you haven't taken us into confidence?

CUOMO: When we find him in your military's backyard, it makes us a little suspicious, doesn't it?

MUSHARRAF: Well you are not conscious about sensitivities. What kind of friend is that? That the people are rising against the army and I, what kind of friendship is that?

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