Private Investigator Ken Brennan Answers Your Questions


I thought one of the biggest shockers was Michael Jones "bombing" the polygraph test. Why was it not used in court?
Katie, Ohio

It's not admissible in court. It is only probative in nature, helping to assist in the direction of an investigation.

Did he dump the entire suitcase or dump her body? How did the victim get out of the suitcase?
Mark, Tex.

He dumped her body. I'm certain he pulled her out of the suitcase inside the trunk of the car. Michael Lee Jones is a big, powerful man and wouldn't have much difficulty with a victim of that size.

If he left with the body in the suitcase and didn't return with it, what did he use to take his clothing out when he checked out? Was there video of him checking out?
Robert, Pa.

He kept the suitcase. There was no video of him checking out. I entered the case almost a year after the crime was committed. The only video retained was the day of the incident.

Why wasn't the hotel registry checked immediately after his name was learned to see if a "Mike Jones" was a guest at that hotel that evening? I would think the hotel records could have been subpoenaed for further information, such as permanent address or that associated with a credit card used to make the reservation (his or the employer's), to help narrow the search for him.
Tami, N.Y. After learning that Mike Jones was the man seen in the video, that is exactly what I did, and confirmed that he was a guest of the hotel. The difficult part was determining who the person in the video was at the time of the incident.

Did you feel any pressure to find a quick conclusion that would find your client (the hotel) blameless in the case?
Debra, Utah

I don't succumb to pressure. I have a clear understanding with all of my clients that I will try to determine what the truth is. If that revelation helps the client, all well and good. I will not direct, slant or alter a report of an investigation to make someone look good.

Was this the hardest case to crack that you have ever been involved with?
Michelle, Kan.


How has this case changed you and your family?
Suzanne, Ohio

The phone rings a lot more.

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