TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

REBECCA: I don't know. It's hard-- it's hard to know that. And I haven't spent that much time isolating it in that way. Because I'm really just interested in trying-- I was, at least at that time, pr-- in particular, just interested in trying to find a way to co-parent, and figure out what was good about us, that we could m-- give to Ela, once I-- I-- once I knew that the relationship was doomed.

CUOMO: Did he see it? Did Joseph agree with your assessment about the relationship?

REBECCA: I don't know. I don't know. I-- I don't think so. I'm the one who left. And-- and he had decided right before that, that he had wanted to go to law school. And I think that he was very hopeful that that was gonna solve some problems. But I hadn't seen any of his decisions solve any problems. And, look, I want nothing more than his personal success. I hope that he is a fantastic lawyer, who finds an incredible amount of happiness. I hope that he meets someone that makes him really happy. It is in my best interest that he succeed as a human being, and that he's a great father to Ela. I want all of those things. I just couldn't find a way to make all those things happen in the context of the relationship.

CUOMO: He says you're angry. That you were angry at him, that you were unsatisfied with him, and that you don't want his best wishes, that's why you're holdin' his feet to the fire in the divorce case. That's what he says.

REBECCA: Yes, I was angry. I was angry that my fairytale was dying. I was angry that the things that I had really hoped were true about the relationship weren't true. Yeah, I was angry when I left. But I'm not an angry person. So that wasn't helping at all. So then I just focused on Ela. And in terms of holding his feet to the fire in the divorce, I'm not sure that I understand what that means.

CUOMO: He says you've made it very hard on him. That you've tried to strip him of his rights as a parent. You tried to separate him from his kid.

REBECCA: Okay, so first of all, I can't strip him of anything. I'm not the court system, I'm just Ela's mom. And, no, it is my-- it is my supreme hope that he has a healthy relationship with Ela. I would not-- I would be so sad for Ela if she did not have a relationship with her dad. Everything that has happened in the case has been a result of decisions that he has made, not decisions that I have made. He chose not to see Ela for seven months. He was entitled to see her. He was entitled to see her, he was under supervised visitation, at the time, because of the condition in which he left the apartment af-- when he moved out. But supervised visitation was a-- was a-- was a result of the decision that he made, and how he left the apartment. It's the legal system that imposed the-- the-- the-- the visita-- the s-- supervised visitation. I-- I-- I want him to see Ela. In fact, I have accommodated every request he's made. I unilaterally increased the amount of time that he got to spend with her. I changed days when he needed to change days to see her. All I want is for that relationship to be healthy. Everything, all the restrictions that have been placed on him have been based on his decisions, vis-à-vis that relationship with her.

CUOMO: Why did he get supervised visitation?

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