TRANSCRIPT: Rebecca Reyes on Whether Her Husband Should Be Jailed for Taking Their Child to Church

REBECCA: We talked. I talked to the police. The reason that Joseph knew where we were is because I had called him to tell him we're gonna go to my parents'. He's been to my parents' countless times, and-- that was the only place I felt safe.

CUOMO: Now, you can choose to address this or not. He has a note from you.


CUOMO: That he say-- he says, "I was the stable parent, here. I was the good one. She was unstable, she was hurting, look at this note she sent me."

REBECCA: Uh-huh (AFFIRMATIVE). That's what I hear. So, f-- my-- first of all, that was-- we testified about this in court, at that same hearing. He says that I wrote a suicide note. I testified, I was held to be a credible witness, I've never attempted suicide, anything like that. He hurt me in certain ways, and I went to go stay with my parents a couple times, because he was gone, Joseph was gone, and I was really sad. But I would never hurt myself. And-- and I only went to go stay with my parents until I left, before Ela. This was all before Ela. I didn't have any reason to go and stay with them, until it was time to go and stay with them when I had Ela. So, this was all pre-Ela, but there were a couple times in the marriage, before we had Ela, that I was really sad at something he had done. And I just needed to be taken care of for a little while, not because I was falling apart, but because I was really sad and I wanted to be around people who really loved me.

CUOMO: This is a war of words. What kind of anger, what kind of mean was this guy? In those moments?

REBECCA: Words, actions, it's not relevant to whether-- to what's going on right now with Ela. But it-- it was what made the relationship toxic. And I hoped, at the time, that I could love him enough, that we would get through it. I was wrong.

CUOMO: You don't want to trash Joseph. Is that a fair statement?

REBECCA: That's really fair.

CUOMO: Why not?

REBECCA: 'Cause he's Ela's dad. He's my first husband, you know? He's-- still is my husband. I-- I have no vested interest in breaking him down. He's Ela's dad.

CUOMO: It bothers you, the idea that this situation would be about you trying to disrespect him?

REBECCA: This has absolutely nothing to do with who we are, vis-à-vis each other anymore.

CUOMO: So, to what it is about. Did you two have an agreement about what religion would be in your daughter's life?


CUOMO: You had an actual conversation, there was a conclusion to the conversation?


CUOMO: And why am I asking it that way? Because Joseph says there was no discussion. You're not Jewish, really. Maybe you're born Jewish, but you don't really practice it. He didn't know you to go to the synagogue. You never really talked about it, and because neither of you cared that much about religion, you had decided that your daughter will be-- we'll introduce her to everything. Fair?

REBECCA: No. Not any of that is fair.

CUOMO: Untrue?

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