O.J.'s New Dream Team

Now Holper is striking back, claiming that he was told to go visit Simpson in jail and that Galanter is treating him unfairly. "I don't like the way that I was defamed," he told ABCNEWS.com. "There was some nasty language used and I'm going to have to prepare some paperwork to deal with it."

Holper wouldn't comment further and declined to say whether he is considering legal action against Galanter, except to add that he was the first attorney to visit Simpson in jail Monday morning. "He was very happy that I was there."

'White Boys Fighting Over O.J.'

Agwara and Lavergne, who are both African-American, are claiming that they're being sidelined because Simpson wanted them to represent him.

"Yale is out there talking about people stealing his law client," said Agwara, who usually handles personal injury cases.

"Maybe he doesn't want any African-American lawyers working on this case. O.J. strongly expressed his interest in AA attorneys on his team."

Agwara said that he and Lavergne told Simpson that they didn't want any money and that they were working on a pro bono basis for the time.

"All these white boys are fighting over O.J. and I don't know why Galanter is getting all pissed off. He left this guy rotting in jail."

Galanter did not return calls about Agwara's claims.

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