Celebs Play Hardball During Divorce, Custody Battles

McCartney and Mills' Game: Who Will Win?

With Mills' public outbursts and McCartney's unwavering pursuit for sole custody, celebrity lawyers have, so far, been unable to come to a consensus on who they believe will come out on top.

"Although it goes against conventional public opinion, I am sensitive to what [Mills] is saying here," said Felder. "McCartney has unlimited funds to spend on security, and she does not. Exposure is one humiliating game, but frankly, I'm not convinced this is a game she is playing. It's more on [McCartney's] part."

Others say that Mills has made a terrible mistake by airing what many refer to as her "dirty laundry."

"Mills has put her foot in her mouth by doing those interviews," said Stacy D. Phillips, a prominent celebrity divorce lawyer, who advises her clients to keep quiet about their divorces. "I think the world idolizes Paul McCartney, and as long as he keeps his head above it all, he's going to continue to be favored by the public.

"People won't like [Mills] right off the bat because she's criticizing an icon," said Phillips.

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