Can Con Man Rockefeller Stay in the U.S.?

It came to light Friday morning that Rockefeller's birth brother appears to have been located in Bergen, Germany, according to separate reports published in The Boston Globe and Boston Herald.

Shown several pictures of Clark Rockefeller that have circulated since the child's alleged abduction sparked an international manhunt, a man identified as Alexander Gerhartstreiter said that he was shocked to learn that his brother had been found. Gerhartstreiter said that his brother, Christian Gerhartstreiter, was raised in the same house in Siegsdorf, Germany, where their mother continues to live today, and left for an exchange program at a Connecticut high school in 1978.

Gerhartstreiter said that before he cut off all communication with his family in 1986, his older brother told the family hat he had changed his name to Christopher Chichester, the Herald reported.

Authorities already had linked Rockefeller's fingerprints to prints on an application for a stockbroker's license with the alias Charles Chichester. The fingerprint on the stockbroker's license was also traced to German-born Christian Gerhartstreiter, law enforcement sources told ABC News earlier this week. Gerhartstreiter was born in 1961, making him about 48 years old -- the same age as Rockefeller.

Chichester reportedly lived with newlyweds Jonathan and Linda Sohus in San Marino, Calif., in 1985 when the pair vanished. Chichester left town before authorities could question him about the disappearance. The case went cold until 1994, when unidentified human bones were dug up under the couple's pool. The break renewed focus in the case on Chichester, who was featured on a 1995 episode of "Unsolved Mysteries."

The resemblance in photographs between Chichester and Rockefeller -- down to the distinctive spectacles -- is striking.

Los Angeles investigators arrived in Boston earlier this week to grill Rockefeller about the Sohus case. The suspect, however, has stymied their attempts to interview him.

Rockefeller's lawyer said earlier this week on ABC's "Good Morning America" that his client has no memory of his life before his 1994 marriage to Boss.

The lawyer also denied that Rockefeller is the man California authorities called a person of interest Tuesday in the Sohus case.

"He doesn't remember his past," attorney Stephen Hrones told "GMA." Pressed to be more specific, Hrones said Rockefeller remembered "back to the time that he got married but before that time, he has real issues remembering his past."

Hrones also criticized police for trying to use the court of public opinion to convict his client. Rockefeller was arrested last Saturday in Baltimore when investigators used a ruse to draw him out of an apartment he had recently purchased with the apparent intention of starting a new life with his daughter. An employee of a nearby marina, where Rockefeller had docked his 26-foot catamaran, called Rockefeller, at the instigation of the authorities, and told him the boat was taking on water.

Prosecutors said 300 1-ounce gold coins worth about $1,000 apiece and $12,000 in cash were found inside the apartment after the arrest. Before the discovery, ABC News reported that Rockefeller had exchanged cash for gold with a Boston bullion dealer.

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