Facing Jihad's Risk a Corrections Issue, Inside Guantanamo and Out


Violent Jihadism is the byproduct of psychopaths who seek apocalypse and shroud themselves in the Koran, media naivete that cloaks them in intrigue, academia propagandists who provide terror leaders with intellectualized legitimacy, and Jihadism's ability to exploit freedoms to redirect America and Canada from confronting it ideologically. The forensic psychiatric lesson of Guantanamo, and Omar Khadr's eventual hero's return to his highly radicalized family and the Canadian terror fundraising infrastructure his father built as an al-Qaeda financier, is that the hearts and minds we have to win are in our prisons today and our streets tomorrow.

If our government does not actively deradicalize with the message that Islam must seek equality rather than theocracy, tomorrow's prisoners – be they in Gitmo or in any other prison in America -- will continue to amiably soak in hate and find comrades-in-arms who buy into that now-dominant message of Islamist supremacy and entitlement to violence.

Dr. Michael Welner is Chairman of The Forensic Panel and an ABC News Consultant. He has been the principal forensic psychiatrist in some of the most complex cases of recent years, including Andrea Yates' child-killing, Elizabeth Smart's kidnapper, wrestler David Benoit's psychological autopsy, and the testamentary fitness of Hong Kong billionaire Nina Wang. Dr. Welner is also coordinating landmark research of an evidence-driven measure to assess the worst of crimes, which invites direct participation of the general public at www.depravityscale.org.

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