Funnies: VP Debate Laughs

Here's a roundup of the late night comics.

Late Show

Letterman: "Everyone has been asking me, Dave, did you see the debate last night? And my answer of course is, 'You betcha!'"

Tonight Show

Leno: "President Bush said today, if our nation continues on this course, the economic damage will be painful and lasting. But the good news, after eight years of Bush, we can handle painful and lasting."

Tonight Show

Leno: "Sarah Palin seemed genuinely happy to be there. She said she was privileged. And it was a thrill for Joe Biden too. I mean, he got to talk directly to the American people on television, just the way FDR did when the stock market crashed in 1929."

Late Night

Conan: "Last night's vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin drew much higher ratings that the presidential debate. Did you know that? Yeah, yeah, Biden attracted viewers who enjoyed his previous debate appearances and Palin attracted viewers who enjoyed the movie 'Fargo.'"

Late Show

Letterman: "Then during the debate Palin winked, wrinkled her nose, and gave a shout out to a third grade class. Well, you know, that says commander in chief to me right there."

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kimmel: "He and his wife are having a 15th wedding anniversary but it's actually their 16th anniversary. And already the slipup has become very costly. Announcer: Would you vote for a man who doesn't even know how long he's been married? I'm Michelle Obama and I approved this message."