Mitt Romney: The Complete Interview

She rode horses before we really met. She used to have a horse that she'd ride. But when she got sick and was going numb on one side, she said, "I want to ride again," she could barely ride around the arena once or twice without being exhausted.

And this last year, among amateurs, she was ranked number one in New England in dressage, it's an equestrian event.

The woman's a phenomenon.

Stephanopoulos: Are you worried that the stress of the campaign may inflame the MS?

Ann Romney: Yes, I am. Yes, that's a worry. That was part of the decision process that was difficult. And my health obviously is very important to both of us, and so I've got to learn -- I've learned already what to do to keep myself healthy and to try to balance my life and try not to over-fatigue myself.

But I clearly don't have enormous reserves of energy and I really do hit empty pretty quickly and I've got to learn how to manage that.

Oh, and you know what it's like. You know how draining these are and how exhausting they are. So I will have to not be with Mitt as much as I'd like to be.

That's why we have five boys.

Stephanopoulos: You're always with him in spirit.

Ann Romney: My boys are great. They're going to step up to the plate and when I can't always be with him, they're going to be. So you'll be seeing my sons on the campaign trail and a couple of daughter-in-laws have agreed to do it, as well.

So I feel like, in many ways, I am being carried on the shoulders of a lot of people right now and my kids are going to really be there and really step forward and step in.

Stephanopoulos: You're in all the way?

Mitt Romney: Oh, yes, we're in all the way. We've given this a lot of thought.

We had a family meeting, we don't have a lot of those, but all of us got together Christmastime and every son, every daughter-in-law went around and talked about their views.

They were all concerned, they had their own drawbacks, concerned about the grandchildren, the impact on them of a presidential race, concern for me, for Ann.

Every single one was unanimous in their view that I should run and they know our heart. They know that we love this country. They know that we think it has a bright future.

They know that we've got some real problems in the country and they believe that the combination of our experience, having run a lot of enterprises in trouble, having turned them around and getting things back on track, that experience, plus our heart, would be helpful to get America on the right course again.

So they said, "Do it," and so we're doing it.

Stephanopoulos: Thank you both very much.

Mitt Romney: Thanks, George, good to be with you.

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